Parents' Comments

"My son has been coming to Little Clowns for 9 months and loves it! He has become far more confident after developing friendships." - Kerri Bobbin
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At Little Clowns we provide a hot cooked meal and desert at lunchtime a copy of menus are available on the notice board. We also provide a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack of fruit (toast as well in the morning). Children who stay after 5:00pm have a tea this is a snack style meal such as beans on toast, soup etc. We provide Water and milk including, Soya or goat’s milk as required. All dietary requirements are catered for.

Within the baby unit you can talk to staff regarding your child’s specific needs, when they are weaning for example and are welcome to bring your own meals should you wish. Milk bottles should be labelled with your baby’s name on.

Copies of the weekly menu are displayed on the notice board in the lobby. Children are encouraged to help staff prepare the fresh vegetables and fruit daily and are educated regarding the importance of healthy eating.

We do ask that your child does not bring any sweets, crisps etc to nursery as this can be very unfair on others and can also carry risks for children who suffer with allergies.