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"Very friendly atmosphere." - Mrs Cornish
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Key Worker and Staff

Each child is allocated a key worker who works individually with your child monitoring and celebrating their development while recording them in their individual profile. Key workers are always available liase with parents and you can make an appointment at anytime with them for a more formal discussion should you wish. We hold regular parents evenings to discuss children’s progress with parents/carers and encourage and welcome you to contribute to your child’s learning profile – this special document celebrates all those things that make your child both unique and special including photographs, pieces of work, observations and quotes from your child.

We have a dedicated and experienced staff team many of whom have worked at Little Clowns for a number of years. We have low staff turnover as we recognise the importance of continuity for children and parents alike. We pride ourselves on having a staff team that reflects the community; we have full-time male nursery nurse. All staff are trained in first aid, safeguarding children and equal opportunities alongside their other qualifications, (staff qualifications and roles are displayed in the lobby). All staff regularly attends training sessions to maintain professional development.

We follow OFSTEDs guidance for our staff/child ratios.
Children aged 0-2 years = 1 adult to 3 children
Children aged 2-3 years =1 adult to 4 children
Children aged 3-5 years =1 adult to 8 children