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"My daughter is happy and settled, she runs in smiling. the staff are friendly and helpful. We feel are daughter is learning and socialising well." Mrs Hope
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We are guided by a number of policies that provide guidance to enable best practice as well as legal requirements; these include Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding children, inclusion/special and additional needs. Copies of all policies our available for you to see on request at any time. Below is a brief guide to a few….

Equal Opportunities

Little clowns are committed to the active promotion of equal opportunity and valuing diversity in our practice and provision. We determinedly make all efforts to prevent discrimination ands bullying.

We aim to provide a secure environment where everyone can flourish. We provide positive non-stereotyping information.


Inclusion is a broad concept. It is about equal opportunities for all children regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, attainment, background, disability or additional needs. It is therefore our belief that every child and person within Little Clowns has a right to feel valued and respected, to be included, to be supported to achieve their full potential and have their views heard and contribution recognised.

Accident Policy

Unfortunately at nursery sometimes we have bumps, scratches, biting etc all perfectly normal for children at this young age. All of our staff are qualified in first aid. When accidents occur we record details on a form and require parents to sign on collection, this is part of our health and safety policy – most commonly nursery accidents are cured with lots of cuddles and 'magic water'.

If serious accidents occur the emergency numbers/contacts on the registration forms will be contacted and medical advice/assistance sought.


We encourage good behaviour through a positive approach. We feel children learn best through example, so they are all encouraged to respect each other, staff model good manners and offer praise for behaviour that we expect and are pleased with. Staff use conflict resolution guidance and there is a member of staff who has responsibility for behaviour management and will cascade back information to other staff.

We have established and boundaries and rules at Little Clowns. In instances of unacceptable behaviour being demonstrated we will discuss with parents and the child strategies to tackle this for example reward charts etc and where necessary seek support from other agencies and professionals.

Child Protection/Safeguarding Children

The welfare of each child is paramount. As providers of childcare we have a responsibility to all children, parents and families and staff to provide security and through keeping our children safe promote confidence and independence.

All staff are CRB checked and have attended relevant child protection/safeguarding children courses. We have three designated safeguarding/child protection officers. Any suspicions or concerns of child abuse or neglect will be reported to the social care team, parents/carers will be informed of this unless staff are advised otherwise.

Other agencies/professionals

We work with a number of other agencies and professionals as required to meet children’s needs including health visitors, schools, educational psychologists, springboard support group, speech and language therapists, social care team (formally social services), paediatricians to name a few. We work with the agencies and professionals with parents offering continuity and support.

If your child attends another childcare setting we will make contact with them as required under the legal guidance of the EYFS, again this is to ensure continuity of care and education and share information about your child including interests, achievements and next steps in learning and developing.


There may unfortunately be times when misunderstandings arise or you feel unhappy or concerned about things. In the first instance it may be advisable to speak to your child’s key worker or a senior member of staff.

Should the matter not have a satisfactory outcome within a couple of weeks or the problems recurs then you should put the concerns or complaint in writing to the nursery manager/director. At this stage, a meeting can be arranged with both parties and a written record of the discussion will be made.

Most complaints should be resolved informally. If this is not possible and you feel the complaint or problem is serious enough you should contact the registering body – OFSTED

OFSTED Early Years
1 Temple Square
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6HB
Tel: 011799486937

Little Clowns Day nursery registration number is: EY300167

Copies of our most recent OFSTED inspection are available through the OFSTED website.